Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Body, Here I Come!!

Still recovering from the flu that swept through the family but I think the end is in sight!  I'm super excited because that means that I can start the Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method!! So excited about committing myself to make a real change in my body, my health and my confidence.

In the reviews I've read of the Method, people complained about the difficulty of buying food for, and sticking to the diet, but that is the part I am most looking forward to.  I think I am one of those people who needs to be told what to do, even though I know what I should be doing.  Miss Tracy sounds like the kind of tough mama I need!  I am lucky that I already eat a clean diet (just way too much of it) so I already have or regularly buy most of the foods.  I just don't usually eat them in the combinations and portions that I'll be eating them in this diet.  I do plan on continuing to eat vegan throughout so I'll have to make a few substitutions but I so appreciate that TA at least has a vegetarian option.  That is so hard to find in the fitness world!  I'll need to plan how to cook the meals ahead of time so that I am not making food while hungry, but I think this is totally do-able.  I am so looking forward to conquering (or at least taming) my sugar addiction, as well as teaching my body portion control.

The muscle work should be awesome, too.  I have read the book and watched a portion of the videos and the movements seem tough but effective.  This part should be cool (and hard!), too.

The cardio I am dreading.  I have never been a cardio girl-- and have the body to prove it!  Ha!  I am also a horrible dancer, so TA's choreographed routines with little comment on form have me nervous.  I am scared to stop going to the gym where I am finally able to jog on the treadmills for more than 5 minutes and commit to something that I may not even be doing right.  I'm gonna try it, though!  I've seen the results others have had and I know I can do it.  Woo!

I think I will start on either Sunday or Monday, depending on how quickly this flu.  If I start Sunday, then I will be done by March 1st.  So exciting!  I plan to post regularly on my progress and experience.  Hopefully someone out there is watching to keep me on track-- maybe even someone starting this program,too?

See ya Sunday!

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  1. Oh ma gosh girl...just getting over that flu. It was INSANE....

    So excited that you're starting and I can't wait to follow along!!!