Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 1

I felt much better this morning and I am too excited to wait until tomorrow, so today is day 1 of Tracy Anderson's 30 Day Method bootcamp!  If nothing else, my first workout today proved that I REALLY need this.  The food was the only part that wasn't tough!  Here is how it is going so far-- I'll update in a bit with the rest of the food reviews.

First off, the details:
I am following the vegetarian plan (just a note to any vegans out there-- I do eat eggs.  I am ok with this because they come from a beautiful farm that we visit regularly and know the owners of, where the hens run free and are not killed when they stop laying regularly)

Breakfast:  The onion and pepper omelet was delicious!  It was bigger than I expected, too, though I was still hungry when I finished.  My tum needs to learn when enough is enough :).  I could eat this every day.

Lunch:  Hmm, green beans and spinach are definitely good but I am not used to them being the entire lunch.  Still, I enjoyed them and I do get a snack before dinner.

Snack:  Tomato Gazpacho

The workout was really tough for me.  I thought I'd do a little better because I have been jogging for 45 min per day, 6 times per week for more than a month but both the mat and cardio were really tough.  I was able to do 40 reps for most of the movements, but the crunch with legs kicked out was way too much for my out of shape mama stomach.  I was only able to do 20 and my form wasn't good at all.

Cardio was tough, too, but for a different reason.  I was just so confused and bored by the routine.  I was always struggling to figure out what she was doing and so I wasn't able to do the moves as fully as I need to.  I was so frustrated that I only did the two cardio sequences once (though I did do the Thanksgiving routine, too.  It is SO much easier to follow!).  I need to give the DVD more time, I know and I will, but I may supplement more from the online material.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Body, Here I Come!!

Still recovering from the flu that swept through the family but I think the end is in sight!  I'm super excited because that means that I can start the Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method!! So excited about committing myself to make a real change in my body, my health and my confidence.

In the reviews I've read of the Method, people complained about the difficulty of buying food for, and sticking to the diet, but that is the part I am most looking forward to.  I think I am one of those people who needs to be told what to do, even though I know what I should be doing.  Miss Tracy sounds like the kind of tough mama I need!  I am lucky that I already eat a clean diet (just way too much of it) so I already have or regularly buy most of the foods.  I just don't usually eat them in the combinations and portions that I'll be eating them in this diet.  I do plan on continuing to eat vegan throughout so I'll have to make a few substitutions but I so appreciate that TA at least has a vegetarian option.  That is so hard to find in the fitness world!  I'll need to plan how to cook the meals ahead of time so that I am not making food while hungry, but I think this is totally do-able.  I am so looking forward to conquering (or at least taming) my sugar addiction, as well as teaching my body portion control.

The muscle work should be awesome, too.  I have read the book and watched a portion of the videos and the movements seem tough but effective.  This part should be cool (and hard!), too.

The cardio I am dreading.  I have never been a cardio girl-- and have the body to prove it!  Ha!  I am also a horrible dancer, so TA's choreographed routines with little comment on form have me nervous.  I am scared to stop going to the gym where I am finally able to jog on the treadmills for more than 5 minutes and commit to something that I may not even be doing right.  I'm gonna try it, though!  I've seen the results others have had and I know I can do it.  Woo!

I think I will start on either Sunday or Monday, depending on how quickly this flu.  If I start Sunday, then I will be done by March 1st.  So exciting!  I plan to post regularly on my progress and experience.  Hopefully someone out there is watching to keep me on track-- maybe even someone starting this program,too?

See ya Sunday!

Monday, January 24, 2011

But vegan food is so good.....

It is 6:41 in the morning and I just ate a piece of cheesecake.  Sigh*  Sure, it was vegan cheesecake made with maple syrup rather than sugar but I have to remember that sugar free and vegan doesn't necessarily equal healthy or low calorie.  I wasn't even hungry!  These are the kinds of choices that are holding me back.

Another area I need to work on--portion control.  Here is the awesome burrito I ate for lunch yesterday:

So yummy!  It was filled with brown rice, sweet potatoes, black beans, broccoli, vegan sour cream and Daiya cheese.  I think this may be my favorite non sweet food.  Perfection wrapped in a floury tortilla!  The problem is that this burrito is huge!  I packed so much food in there that I couldn't even wrap the tortilla around it.  Definitely need to tackle portion control.
On the plus side, I had a great workout yesterday.  It is frigid here, so I went to the gym first thing in the morning and spent 45 minutes jogging on the treadmill.  Then I did twenty minutes on the weight machines, focusing on arms.  I have started maxing my weights rather than doing lower weights with more reps.  I have no idea which is the more effective way of strengthening but I like this way because I get the good sore that makes me feel like I accomplished something.  Today my husband may need to work late so I'll need to figure out how to sneak a workout in with the two monkeys running around.  Will post more on my workout plan soon...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Is it far enough past the new year to make a big change?

I never pictured myself blogging about anything.  Especially about something as superficial as my weight.  In have never been a super girlie girl.  Instead, I lean more towards the outdoorsy, crunchy end of the spectrum.  Those who know me would never guess that my secret is a deep unhappiness with my body.  I am not obese but I am 30 lbs heavier than my comfortable weight and I am so tired of feeling unhappy about it.  Weight was never an issue until I had my second child two years ago.  I was always active in my twenties-- walking an hour each direction three times per day while in college, with long hikes in the woods on the weekends.  While pregnant with our first child, we moved to New York City.  I still walked a lot (you pretty much HAVE to there) but I gained 70 lbs anyway.  Fortunately, it all melted off withing two months of delivering my big girl.  My second pregnancy, though, was different.  I gained 65 lbs with my little one but only lost 30 lbs.  Plus, she was a baby that never slept and was extremely "colicky" (we later learned that she has severe multiple food allergies).  The stress and exhaustion of the first year and a half with her made it feel completely impossible to ever work out or cook healthy meals.  We soon moved to the suburbs of Boston and I found that I walked less and less and drove more and more. After we learned of her food issues, our family began really focusing on eating healthy, allergy free foods.  My "husband" (we are actually partners but it is just easier to refer to him as the hubby for this purpose) immediately lost 30 lbs but I gained weight.  Going vegan 6 months later made my soul healthier and happier but I gained even more weigh.  I didn't even realize vegans could become overweight!

My problem is carbohydrates.  Some days I would eat only bread (wheat and animal free but still carb heavy), cereal (same) and rice (ditto).  Plus, I have a monster sweet tooth and began experimenting with allergy free baking.  The possibilities were endless...and delicious! and...I gained more weight.

Now is the time to take back my life and my body.  I haven't bought clothes in two years because I refuse to accept that this is my body.  I am less active with my kids because I don't have the energy and I no longer hike regularly-- my passion.  This summer will be different!  My kids are old enough to enjoy hiking and I plan to take them to explore the beautiful woods of New England.
I began working out at the gym three weeks ago.  I haven't lost any weight yet but I am actually enjoying the workouts!  I feel like I am finally on the right track.  Here are my current stats:

weight: 152.5 (I am 5'4")
stomach: 37 inches
chest: 36 inches
hips: 42 inches

My goal is a much smaller hip measurement, no more back fat and muffin top and strong arms.  I hate to have a goal weight because I know I need to take in to account the muscle mass I'll (hopefully) gain, but I am one of those people who needs a measurable goal.  So, I am aiming for 130-- 10 lbs higher than my comfy 20's weight (I'd be thrilled with 125, though).
Current workout routine:  treadmill 5 days per week.  I have recently worked up to jogging about half of that time.  I also use the machines for a half an hour-- arms one day and legs the next.  I recently bought a yoga tape (Bob from the Biggest Loser) and love doing that at least once per week-- though I'd love to do that one more  if my kids would ever nap (sigh).

I am excited because I ordered Tracy Anderson's 30 Day Method and plan to begin it at the beginning of February.  I have heard great things about her method and like that she has a vegetarian option.  Just hoping that I can adapt it vegan style (I can't believe that Madonna-- a TA disciple--would eat dairy, right?).

I plan to use this forum as a way to keep myself honest.  I will post my food intake and workout regularly and maybe one day some friends will find me and join along.  I have yet to meet another vegan trying to lose weight but I know there must be someone out there!

Tomorrow I'll post more about my current eating plan (or lack therof)....